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What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis is the science of behavior. With it, behaviors and their surrounding events can be observed and analyzed to create the meaningful implementation of life-changing behavior modification. ABA focuses primarily on the utilization of positive reinforcement which can be used to increase skill levels and reduce maladaptive behaviors. 

ABA Treatment Models 

Comprehensive ABA

Focused ABA

Comprehensive ABA typically consists of 30-40 hours of therapy a week. It is designed for individuals who need more intensive therapy, and is typically prescribed for early-intervention care. The primary areas addressed with comprehensive care include communication, social and emotional skills, cognitive skills, and reduction of problem behaviors. This model is typically used as a prerequisite to focused treatment.

Focused ABA may consist of up to 25 hours of therapy a week. It is designed to focus on a few skill sets specific to an individual's needs. This model is typically used as a secondary step to comprehensive treatment.

Parent/Caregiver Training

Parent/caregiver training is a beneficial component of therapy at Charli's House. By incorporating parents/caregivers into treatment, opportunities for improved quality of life for the child across all environments greatly increases.

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