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Our Story

"Charli’s House is a ministry born out of a desperate need. When our daughter, after several miscarriages and much prayer, FINALLY had the baby she had been praying for, our family was overjoyed! Although it was a very rough delivery, Charli Raspberry arrived as a beautiful, perfect baby girl.

She was about a year old when we noticed she wasn’t making eye contact as frequently as she should, and she wasn’t learning new words. She was smart as a whip but did not communicate with us, she seemed to be in a world of her own.

Charli was diagnosed with Autism when she was 2 years old.

My daughter didn’t even flinch, she just buckled down and began searching for the best way to get Charli the help she needed. To our dismay, we found that our community had literally nothing to offer.

She could not get Charli any of the therapies she needed on a regular basis. The only help available was over an hour away. Charli was not alone; there are many, many children that faced the same struggle. We began to pray for a solution and out of desperation, frustration, and irritation, Charli’s House was born."

 ~ Mellisa Hill

Cofounder of Charli's House

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