Charli’s House is a ONE-OF-A-KIND organization!!


Not only are we one of the only Autism Treatment providers that offer ABA therapy

to infants, children and teens in Pinal county...we are the only one that also offers prayer support!

Charli's House is a division of CrossRoads Church and has an army of prayer warriors behind it.

We are committed to providing meaningful and functional instruction to children with special needs and their families by relying on the evidence-based, age appropriate practice of ABA therapy.

All therapy services are provided in-center and when appropriate our clients’ home, school, and community settings to provide instruction within the natural environment. 

  Our professional team of therapists are here to help your child develop positive behaviors and skills so they can become productive members of their family,  community and world.

"Children are rewards from God, so we must follow His word to truly cherish his gifts."

Psalms 127:3